WindWalker Stables

Top Quality Equine Care Facility w/ over 55 yrs of experience.

"The Pampered Palace" is a quiet private part of our lives that comes in the form of giving Sanctuary to horses in need when we can.

 Sanctuary meaning they have been given forever homes, they are not available for adoption.

We  share a love and compassion for horses and their welfare that just cannot be denied.
No horse is unlovable or unmanageable given the time to regain trust to humans.
We are NOT a 501 non-profit We do not adopt out our Sanctuary Horses.

Our Horseafide
site has been established to aid in generating extra income for our passion, horses in need. By Shopping at Horseafide you are not only helping us care for our Sanctuary Horses but also saving huge amounts with our Tack and gifts of the horsey kind.

 Click on each photo to enlarge and the horses names that are listed in golden brown to view their pedigrees if you wish.

Dominique "Dom" Another Voyage
Dom is a 1991 Appendix QH, "Another Voyage" with remarkable bloodlines  She is also a great header and heeler mare.
Dom was headed to a killer sale in a very short period of time, (days actually) when we became aware of her.
Dom's situation was mainly due to her and her owner not being a good match, the dislike for each other was quite obvious and the previous owners demeanor with horses is quite different than ours.Our hearts just sank after hearing the stories of her being ridden in a river in hopes she would drown, tie downs, stout bits,rearing, charging etc. etc. but none of the before mentioned reasons were reason enough to stand by and let her possibly be sent to slaughter. In this rare situation we did pay the bounty on her head to give her a forever life with us.
Her overall health was not so horribly bad as some we have encountered. She did need a bit of weight and extensive farrier care that has taken since 2004 to get her hooves almost normal and also to help her get over her immense fright of farriers (obviously she has been beaten) Our farrier indicates that she has had extreme trauma to her front hooves at some point (scars can clearly be seen) and slight founder.
Rich has ridden Dom only a few short light rides since 2004 . In short we use a snaffle on her only and have also ridden her with just a halter and bareback. She is a very gentle, willing and loving mare.
Her future will require some specialty items, joint medications, chiropractic care,possibly much more extensive farrier care



Isn't she the sweetest looking mare?
The way we came about knowing of Lil Bit may seem a bit odd for some but this IS how it happened.
I was out cutting grass and had this overwhelming feeling of sadness and tears started rolling that I must go to the local horse auction that night. We had never been to this auction prior.
 Upon getting there we walked around and I walked directly to this pen jammed packed with young horses and there she was. She could hardly move around in the little pen but managed to lift her head and turn it around and look at me as if to say please help me. I immediately told Rich that's her, that's the one we needed to come for.
 The auction finally began, and here she came in , prancing, afraid and had a bad eye injury.We are sitting fairly high up in the bleachers and once again she turned and raised her head and looked directly at me.
 The bidding began and due to me being a newbie at the auction my bids were being ignored!! I started waving my hands and was ready to start doing jumping jacks if necessary.
 There was one other person bidding on her, a kill buyer. It doesn't take long to figure out who they are. We had a little bidding war going on and when the kill buyer finally turned and looked at me, I must of had darts in my eyes as the next thing I know the auctioneer said SOLD and asked my name.
 I was elated, we immediately went in the back to the holding pens and checked on her and told her everything was going to be ok now.
 She was very fearful , wouldn't come to us but had a very sweet nature about her.
We hired someone from the auction to bring her to our farm. She arrived about midnight that night.
 Upon closer inspection of her eye as she ran by as we could not touch her. Her eye was in dire need of immediate veterinary care so we could try and save the eye. Time was of the essence to do so. With the wonderful professional help and advice from Don Knapp a 3 star Parelli instructor from Sulphur he came to our farm and in a couple hours we had the halter on her and leading like a pro by using the Parelli games to accomplish this.
 Our vet Dr. Michael Warren was called immediately to come check and treat her eye. Upon examining her, Dr. Warren could clearly see that the injury was from a rope, that he could see the grooves in the eye itself.
After months of treatments of antibiotic ointments and only allowed turn out after the sun went down, Lil Bit has full vision. She does have a tad bit of cloud in the front lobule of the eye but it does not affect her vision.
Lil Bit is a sweetheart in the pocket horse and loves children.
 We continued using some of the parelli level 1 techniques with her and she will back with the simple wiggle of our finger, walk and back on cardboard,plastic,plywood,will lead with a rope around her leg. I can lay or sit on her when she is laying down.
We have put bareback pads on her but have not gone any further with her training via our farriers advice. Her legs are still underdeveloped too dainty as of yet, probably due to poor nutrition prior to us getting her.

"McKims Carry"


We Became aware of Capn via a phone call from a young lady from Lawton. She was referred to us by our friends at Grey Oaks Sanctuary. Capn had been purchased at a sale and was her first horse and she didn't realize just how large a horse he was at the time. She resolved to the fact he was too large and just too much horse for her.
 So off to Lawton we go, no photos, not much history on him to bring him home along with our new puppy "Scruffy" whom had showed up the day before.
 Duke is the name he had been given but just didn't seem to fit him, so we renamed him Cap'n for his size.
 He is a gentle giant 18.1 hands OTTB (OFF TRACK TB)
 He loves to be pampered, groomed,bathed. He is not your typical TB, he is so quiet and a very good teacher. We use him to be a babysitter for our younger horses. He does not kick but he will push them off and let them quickly know their behavior is not accepted and with his size he is very intimidating and alot of times just a quick turn of his head and a stern look and ears back they pay attention.
 Capn is not ridden , has never been ridden since being here. He has severe knee and leg damage from racing. Suffers from Laminitis.Caring for all his ailments is very costly.
 We did track down his original owners and to say the least they were appalled that their horse ended up at auction. He and another gelding were given to a gentleman that was to give them forever homes and obviously he lied and took them both straight to the Jones auction house. The other geldings end was not a good one.
 In the end we love our big boy and is so good for people who are afraid of horses or have never been around them. Our gentle giant has his forever home.






  We were approached by the owner of Lady at Tractor Supply, It was very visible that the woman (as I will call her) was very distraught.I spoke with her,gave her my card and told her to call me if she needed me. 2 days later I got the call.
   She had left Lady in the care of some folks while they made a temporary move to Texas due to her husbands job. Well much to their shock when they returned to find Lady in this condition when she returned in April 2005. Upon further questioning of  "the caretakers" they had bred Lady 2 times !! without permission  I might add.  The owner of Lady not longer had facilities to house Lady.
 We make the trip east of Ada to look at Lady and see what advice we can offer and much to our dismay we about dropped to our knees when we saw her condition , the bad cut on her face and where she was being kept and find several other horses there but in good condition as they were out on pasture,  but the "the caretakers" had moved in February ! left lady in this small pen, no hay, no grain, green awful stinky water.
 So we did what we could at that particular moment, and we came home and called Sheriff Peterson and let him know exactly what was about to transpire, that we were taking Lady, her unborn colt, and her yearling colt as the owner of Lady had sold me all 3.This was all on April 8, 2005
  I called my dear friend Linda @ greyoaks sanctuary in Wilson to take the yearling colt as we knew we would have our hands full just trying to save Lady and her unborn foals life.
 We returned home with Lady and requested Dr Warrens presence to check her over,check the cut on her face, we were all holding our breath to say the least. Lady was very anemic, had a bad heart murmur , very dehydrated, very wormy,  but the foal was very large and ALIVE at this point.We hoped and prayed both would survive.The cut on her face could not be stitched mainly due to not being able to sedate Lady due to her condition ( the cut was almost all the way through to the inside of her mouth) On the henneke scale Lady might of made a 1.5 which is near death.
 Within a week Lady started having more life in her, her eyes were getting brighter, she was barely dehydrated at all, and she was making a good bag for the delivery of her foal because you see, the yearling colt had still been nursing on her while she was in this horrid condition and in foal. Old girl sure is a good mom. 
 On April 29,2005 she had been in the large east pasture and for the first time had a good lope around the pasture. That night at 10:15 she gave us a colt and came both came through it with flying colors.

 Today Lady is in great health, just as mellow and such a sweet loving girl. 

 The colts story (LB) is listed below.