WindWalker Stables

Top Quality Equine Care Facility w/ over 55 yrs of experience.



Prior Farm Management:

  • 10 + years owning & operating a boarding and re-training facility in Southern Maryland (from 70's to early 80's)
  • Manager of Al Saba Arabians (Va.) 3 yrs
  • Supervisor at La Grange Quarter-Horses(Home of Hopies Flower and Hope to Impress Ya (Va) 5+yrs
  • Supervisor at Gardner Arabians (Va)
  • TB handler & Farm hand  For Raymond Guest  (Former Ambassador to Ireland) @ Powhatan Farms, (Va)
  • Supervisor at Bar-Camp Ranch (Va) 3+yrs
  • Private Arabian Farm Manager (Va) 2 yrs

Care & Handling:

  • Care & Feeding & Handling of up to 50 Broodmares, Foals & Stallions, 2 AQHA Show Barns & 2 Arabian Show Barns and stallions
  • Breeding, AI, Foaling
  • Treatment of Minor Ailments (from minor scrapes to colic), Administer Shots (IM)
  • Halter Breaking, Lunging, Long Reining ,All Ground Work and manners
  • Training & Prep. of Yearling's for Halter for many AQHA Futurity & AQHA Congress
  • Round-Penning, Trailer Training, Tying & Cross Tying, Clipping, Trimming, Mane Pulling
  • Finish Training in Western Pleasure,Trail, Halter, Showmanship
  • Re-Training of the Problem Horse
  • Re-Schooling of the Semi Retired Horse
  • Past Consultant for the Maryland .State Police in cases involving reported neglect, mistreatment, abuse and starving and injured equines
  • Equine Sales
  • The Teaching of General Equine Care and Knowledge to school students


If you would like to know more in detail about Jennifer you can read more below........


Getting To Know Jennifer

 Jennifer like most young girls had the instant love of horses and this has carried on her whole life. Her first horse was bought for her by her parents in Upper Marlboro Maryland in 1975. Her parents achieved two things at once, Jennifer (age 13) had her first horse and at the same time they saved him from being headed to slaughter. This horse (Handy Sargent "Sarge") originated from Oklahoma as the story was told and that he had been banned from showing and we were soon to learn why.

  We at this time had to board Sarge,which ended up being Jennifer's saving grace for getting many free horse lessons and much needed guidance from Fred & Barbara Herbert and their son Frankie. Sarge had been very much so abused and neglected from proper care and love. Well Jennifer had plenty of that love to give him. As time went on Sarge grew to love and trust Jennifer with anything on the ground, but there were still the issues of riding him. Jennifer being inexperienced and Sarge being unfortunately over experienced with plenty of improper training. As soon as Jennifer would put her foot in the stirrup, Sarge was GONE at a dead run, but with persistence and determination, she was going to prove to everyone just  how great a horse he really was, because obviously  her parents were beginning to worry if Jennifer would ever be able to handle him.Of course during all this time Jennifer had plenty of outside sources (other boarders) telling her to do this or that, which always seemed to make Sarge worse.So with time Jennifer just learned to kindly nod and say thank you but continued on her way of working with Sarge.

   While Jennifer worked with Sarge on a daily basis, The Herbert's would always come in with a load of horses just bought from a sale and Jennifer would hop right on as they were brought out of the trailer to see what they would do. Jennifer was doing all this in fun but she didn't know she was learning many details about horses and being taught to become a better rider all at the same time.                                                                  

   One day while trying to ride Sarge he did his regular take off running thing but this time Jennifer had graduated to the large pasture and as he was headed for the barbed wire fencing Jennifer knew she had to do something so at a dead run she began to jump off holding tight to the reins so she could  turn him, but as soon as she took her foot out of the stirrup and shifted her weight, Lord and Behold Sarge came to a sliding stop. Sarge had a couple of big secrets of his own.

  After about a year, Jennifer's parents knew she would never stop, so they purchased a small farmette in Southern Maryland. After moving there and finally getting Sarge there, Jennifer continued to work with Sarge and the second year she was riding Sarge with nothing but a halter. After many years of owning Sarge and the two of them becoming the best of friends and trips to the local drive up window at the country store (about 35 minutes away)  they would go find some shade and share their soda and fritos. Even years later when Sarge became blind Jennifer could still ride him at a walk, he knew her cues as to when to be cautious etc. Sarge is still carried in Jennifer's heart daily. With the special return of love that Sarge gave her she knows and has proven many many times any horse that has crossed her path (that others had given up on) can become very docile and lovable animals with the right amount of love & patience given to them.

  After a couple of years, (word of mouth is everything) a few people asked Jennifer to show their horse in open shows, so then she got the bug for that, so Mom and Dad found her a AQHA gelding that was versatile in every class. Then at times at shows people would ask, will you ride my horse? He has only been shown at halter for the last 5 years. Jennifer would hop right on and at times got the ride of her life around the arena but she was laughing the whole time.

 At the age of 16 Jennifer expanded, she opened her barn for boarding and then even went on to have a few open shows of her own on her parents property. The boarding went really well and it was more for Jennifer to learn as each horse is different. We had boarders that had just gotten a TB off the track, a Draft once a month when the girl went on travel for business, A pacer, A polo horse, A miniature horse and a Shetland. Later that same year she began to get clients by word of mouth to finish train a few horses, the owners would be at wits end. One actually pulled in the drive came to the door and said get this horse out of my trailer do what you can with him and call me when your done.Oh and Good Luck!! Well that horse was shown at halter,trail,pleasure,showmanship anything Jennifer could get him into, when it came time for him "Alden's Best Offer" to go home, the owner came and couldn't believe it but didn't have the heart to take him so he gave him to Jennifer.Jennifer didn't feel right about this at all so she sold "Alden's Best Offer" for $3500. and in 1979 that was pretty good money and sent the money to the owner minus her expenses.

  Also during this time Jennifer was asked by Senator Henry Fowler to aid in his annual Jousting Tournaments held on his farm in Southern Maryland.She did this for 3 years.

  Jennifer's father was a Maryland State Trooper so Jennifer was nominated "so to speak" to be a representative in equine cases involving malnutrition, neglect and abuse. During this time Jennifer offered her services for free to the owners to help educate them further on the proper care and nutrition of horses.

  After Graduating in 1980 Jennifer moved to Virginia as her parents had sold the farm due to her mothers health issues and Jennifer's disinterest after the loss of Sarge. (That will be told at a later date, something Jennifer didn't find the truth about until many years later)

 Only being in Virginia two months Jennifer got a call from a lady offering Jennifer a job to manage her Arabian farm "Al Saba Arabians", Jennifer was not really interested but this lady was very persistent in getting her to come to at least check out the facilities. Well Jennifer managed Al Saba Arabians for 3 years, while also later taking on a job at La Grange Quarter Horse Farm, Jennifer knew she had it back in her again. This was her destiny. She remained at La Grange for about 5 years learning more and more along the way. Then Jennifer moved on to two more Arabian Farms and one Racing Stable and would go back to La Grange from time to time and then move on again.

 In the late 80's Jennifer met someone that took her away from horses pretty much all together and For a few years Jennifer's life took her to be involved with the country music industry up and down the east coast.(  pics of friends along the way)  Then, In 1990 Jennifer gave birth to her first child so she put everything in the horse world and music world on hold, except for the few small horse facilities during show season wanting someone to just come in and feed and care for the broodmares due any day.This in turn began to give her son the opportunity to finally be around horses at the age of 3.

  This carried on a few years and then Jennifer was presented with owning and operating a cleaning service in which she did so she could still devote all her time to her son and in raising him.She continued this a few years by contracting for the Dept of Defense in Dahlgren Va. Yes the dreaded white glove test but good income  but still not Jennifer's calling in life.

 SO here we are in 2002 in Oklahoma Jennifer and her son and a new life with the perfect gentleman.

More to come...............................